Aeronautical Aerospace Engineering

  • Develop and Document Systems Engineering Management Plan
  • Support Development of Program Document Trees
  • Document Avionics, VMS, Instrumentation and Mechanical Subsystems Requirements and ICDís
  • Establish Requirements Development and Tracking System (DOORS and ARM)
  • Develop and Maintain MEL
Integration Phase:
  • Validate Subsystem Requirements
    • Review vehicle Avionics, VMS and Mechanical Subsystems requirements
    • Analyze subsystem functions to establish hardware and software element ownership
    • Analyze, design and assess vehicle subsystem functional requirements
    • Document and Validate interface requirements
    • Validate environmental and qualification requirements
  • Coordinate Support and Test Equipment Definition and Procurement
  • Support SCO development and Implementation
System Test Phase:
  • Verify requirements are correctly simulated via models
  • Verify failure mode, timing, and physical interface requirements
  • Verify subsystem hardware and software requirements in vehicle installations and at test facilities as required
  • Analyze test results and monitor resolution of test anomalies
Flight Test Evaluation:
  • Generate test data distribution software
  • Perform test analysis to verify requirement compliance
  • Monitor and resolve test anomalies as required
Aeronautical Aerospace Engineering
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