Avionics System

Subsystem Design:
  • Define vehicle subsystem requirements
  • Separate subsystem functions into hardware and software elements in conjunction with avionics system architecture
  • Analyze, design and assess vehicle subsystem functional requirements
  • Define all interface requirements
  • Define subsystem environmental and qualification requirements
Subsystem Integration:
  • Define vehicle installation, interfaces, power consumption, wiring, and maintenance requirements
  • Assess performance capabilities against vehicle needs
  • Coordinate hardware qualification and test documentation deliveries
  • Verify requirements compliance and traceability
  • Manage flight hardware and spare deliveries
Subsystem Test:
  • Define simulation models of subsystem operation, failure modes, timing, and physical interfaces
  • Define and perform subsystem validation testing
  • Install, test and verify subsystem hardware and software in vehicle installations and at test facilities as required
  • Analyze test results, perform trouble shooting and resolution of test anomalies
Flight Test and Evaluation:
  • Provide input to ground, flight and mission test planning
  • Define flight test operations, safety and instrumentation requirements
  • Participate in flight test procedure development
  • Support reduction of test data, analysis of results, and interpretation and reporting
Avionics System
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